Combi-2 MEASUREMENT / TESTING / STIMULATION Versatility of measurement, testing and stimulation in one device – the premium middle class for demanding users.

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Flexibility and reliable performance are characteristic of the Combi-2 and indispensible for modern EAV practices. The versatile characteristics of the device offer the user, whatever his/her specialty, a basis for a mature bio-energetic treatment plan. The Combi-2 combines modern metrological prerequisites for reliable treatment with various applications through low frequency electrical impulses for regulating the body’s energetic meridians.



  • Measurements and evaluations according to the standards of EAV
  • Testing with various products, incompatibilities, location contaminant loads and substances, etc.
  • Electrical stimulation treatment: Fixed frequency (0.1 – 19.9 Hz), frequency variation (1 – 10.0 Hz), current types: sedating, tonifying, sweep waves
  • Current types: sedating, tonifying, sweep waves
  • Measure of electrical potential in teeth and comfortable tooth sensitivity test


Kindling Combi-2 features

  • Measurement system which meets the official standards of the International Medical Association for the Electroacupuncture acc. to Voll (EAV)
  • Large, removable display for individual placement in the workplace
  • Digital display (LCD) for indicator drop, conductance, frequency and tooth potential
  • Ergonomically designed stylus with mounted, pressure compensated, replaceable sensor tip
  • Optical point locating "OPTO-Point" with 10-digit-LED-bar in the stylus and individual skin moisture compensation
  • Spread of scale (TP-Regler)
  • Acoustic measurement support through controllable tone
  • Sound reset switch – regulates the start of the accompanying signal tone
  • Large, integrated honeycomb
  • Modern membrane keyboard
  • Built-in high performance rechargeable battery for 25 hours’ full output operation – Optional: power supply from mains with medical power adapter
  • Easy-to-read operating display
  • PC-connection port for working with Homopath software