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Perfect combination of measurement, testing, stimulation and data transfer – the latest model in our product portfolio will impress you with its new technology, precision and ease of reading the new LED display.



The Vistron combines the measurement and treatment component for bio-symmetrical function testing using the Electroacupuncture in a new, modern, flat housing design. Novelties include among other things the microprocessor-controlled light bar, the inertia-less of the measurement end value, as well as the measured indicator drop. The folding display makes the values optimally reviewable and readable. Membrane keyboards make the device easy to read and operate.
The power supply is now provided as standard using a high-grade medical power supply, approved under EN 60601-1, or optionally using an easily replaceable 12 Volt rechargeable battery.
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Along with the proven features in measrement and treament applications, such as the “Opto-point” point locator in the ergonomically designed stylus, you will find new EAV functions which simplify processes in everyday practice:


  • Measurements and evaluations according to the standards of EAV
  • Comfortable tooth enamel test
  • Direct information transfer: input, e.g. nosodes, homeopathically prepared substances, information from the virtual data bank (Homopath) etc; output e.g. medium, globuli, etc, or client
  • Sweep wave tretment (tonifying and sedating) via acupuncture points: Fixed frequency (0.1 – 19.9 Hz or 10 – 199 Hz); Frequency range (1.0 – 10.0 Hz or 10 – 100 Hz)


Kindling Vistron features

  • Stationary operation with power supply
  • Available for portable operation with optional rechargeable battery
  • Maintenance-free light bar display
  • *utomatic or manual point measurement selectable
  • Saves the current measurement display until the next measurement is taken
  • Volume of measurement tone can be regulated or turned off
  • Integrated removable large honeycomb; can also be switched off with a button
  • Tooth electrode that can be placed on the stylus for tooth enamel testing
  • All measurement electrodes in expanded assortment



  • Sweep wave treatment with simultaneous measurement display (T+M)
  • Expanded frequency spectrum to max. 199 Hz
  • Frequency range 0-10Hz or 10-100 Hz
  • Control of individual point teatment
  • Also useable in needle stimulation and ear acupuncture
  • Transfer unit for surge substance on carriers


Special Supplemental Options

  • Extensive special accessories
  • Expandable with all Kindling bioresonance devices
  • Expandable with the potentizer Akuport D-tec
  • Can be combined with software progam Homopath for compiling assessment data and virtual resonance tests
  • Quadrant switch for testing with hand, foot and forehead electrodes


Scope of Delivery

Pair of hand electrodes, brass
2 wires for hand electrodes (red, black)
Stylus with fixed 4-slice-tip
Dental electrode
Output beaker XL
Retec wire 0,5m
Honeycomb ø ca. 10 cm, integrated and removeable
Power supply
Operating instructions

Dimensions (WxHxD): 31 x 5,5 (11) x 28 cm, Weight ca. 2200g




The bioresonance and the electroacupuncture acc. to Dr. Voll are classified into the field of regulative medicine.
They are alternative medical methods which are not subject of scientific research and not recognized by the teaching medicine in some countries yet.
We would like to advice you to the fact that any form of energetic treatment does in no case replace traditional medical treatment.