The Wirtum SINGULAR bioinformatic harmonizer device


The Wirtum SINGULAR bioinformatic harmonizer device is a breakthrough in the field of personalized therapy. With the help of bioresonance therapy (BRT), the operator of the device can interfere on a very effective (electromagnetic, cellular process regulator) level with living biological systems, which makes unique, tailor-made treatment possible.



Bioresonance therapy, or shortly: BRT

BRT is a method that works on cells, the smallest units of life that can act independently, by affecting their informational system with electromagnetic impulses.
These signals are very mild electromagnetic and mechanical vibrations that take effect directly on cellular processes by resonance interaction, thus activating the organism’s self-healing abilities in a natural way.
Types: usage of the organism’s internal signals (endogenious BRT), or external environmental signals (exogenious BRT), or stimulating the exchange of information within the frequency domain of the various sub-systems of the organism.

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