AURA personal pendant

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The Aura is a device for general well being utilizing natural frequencies to boost mitochondria, it is an active device to use against the ever invasive negative EMF our bodies cope with today.

We have all seen or used one of the passive stick-on devices that are for reducing our exposure to negative EMFs.

With the Aura you have the power of an active device that is providing a beneficial electromagnetic signal to support your natural energy.

The Aura helps the body to energetically strengthen which helps to boost the immune system.

If you work at a computer all day, the Aura will help your body cope with the negative EMF you are exposed to.

For cell phone users, the Aura helps to counter the EMF build-up from over exposure.

It is not just your own cell phone, everyone is exposed to cell phone towers, TV and radio signals, and all other forms of electro-smog or negative EMF.

The Aura is for energy balancing and boosting which will help us achieve over all well being.

Primarily the Aura is functioning in a range from 5Hz to 15 Hz. This is a frequency range proven to boost mitochondria energy.

In addition the Aura will focus on 7.83 Hz (as used by NASA and RSA) and 9.6 to 10 Hz to give you the synchronicity with the Earth energy that you require.

Lastly the Aura utilizes 528 Hz known as the frequency of Love. Studies show that this frequency will help to repair DNA, help to repair cells, and awaken consciousness.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy your new Aura personal use device.


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