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Homopath software was developed by a team of over 300 doctors and IT engineers at the aim of covering all requirements for an advanced EAV/EDS diagnosis and therapy software. 

Homopath software can be combined with all EAV/EDS/AMA devices we offer. This software offers a high comfort during the measuring phase. Additionally it comes with thousands of pre-recorded homeopathic remedies, sarcodes, nosodes, allergens, pathogens; these homeopathic products can be used in compatibility tests, in therapy, in producing customized remedies. Most of competitors software on the market offers only a bar meridian diagnosis with no further therapy information. Homopath software automatically converts the meridian diagnosis into most suitable remedies and treatments. 


Homopath Software

Main Features

  • Homopath software comes with 6 different chapters (functions):
  • Patient database for new and returning patients
  • Different EAV/EDS measurement profiles
  • Automatically elaborated meridian diagnosis based on EAV/EDS measurements
  • Resonance VT module  to test remedies compatibility and select most suitable for each point therapy
  • Elaborated therapy plan and remedies creation
  • You can generate invoices and printed reports
  • Homopath database provides numerous EAV/EDS measurement acupuncture points profiles
  • Homopath software offers a resonance compensation for remedy compatibility testing
  • It is comfortable and efficient in recorded EAV/EDS measurements results
  • Automatic registration and guidance of the measurements
  • Analysis of the measurement profile with the display of out of range values, ordered from the most serious conditions down to less important ones
  • You can perform testing with real remedies and include their energy signatures in patient’s therapy. Record and save your own remedies!
  • Issue the recipe and the treatment plan with Homopath
  • Document the result of the treatment, such as acupuncture points, meridians, catchwords and remedies automatically recorded
  • Edit invoices, physician´s letter
  • Generate customized remedies and test directly on your patient the compatibility
  • Perform Vega testing using pre-recorded sarcodes
  • Choose best solution among a diversity of potencies
  • Change potencies in combination with D-Tec
  • You can define your own measurement profiles

Scanning & Testing

Once the patient is prepared for scanning, the measurements can be done automatically or manually. You have several measurement profiles such as:

  • EAV endpoints (40 points)
  • Control measurement points (40 CMP points)
  • Standard EAV profile (120 points)
  • Allergy points (4 points)
  • Dental materials compatibility points
  • 596 points are registered and can be bundled in a customized profile you decide at your end. 

To facilitate the measurements there is a photographic display of points location. The software provides a registration of points nominal value along with the indicator drop and lower or higher as normal values.  

Once the measurements are finished, the software displays in different form the diagnosis with indications of health conditions matching the reading profile. You can choose between different comparative data, such as left and right body, only hand or only feet, older na dmore recent measurements. The reports can be all printed out.

Homopath software therapy and remedies module

The therapy module is stored in Homopath VT, the virtual therapy/remedy testing known as “wave resonance”. You can operate the VT resonance testing with real drugs or with virtual remedies. In Homopath software virtual remedies are called “WAVES”.  Real remedies are collected in the honeycomb and can be added to the therapy basket.

Previously collected information to acupuncture points and meridians gives you suggestions and support in selecting the remedies. This selection of medication is usually an automated process; however you can also add information by yourself.

When all suitable remedies were identified these signals are being sent to the output circuit to be imprinted on virgin sucrose pellets (globules) or to water/alcohol solutions (tinctures).

In case of Vistron the selected remedies are sent to an output beaker where they are imprinted.

For Akuport M1 and M2 you must have a biofeedback device such as Mr2 or Retec 2000CP to swing the waves onto virgin carriers.

In Homopath database are pre-recorded homeopathic remedies, nosodes and sarcodes from German homeopathic manufacturers such as: Staufen Pharma, Wala, Heel, Sanum, Phoenix, Nestmann.

What can you treat with EAV/EDS Homopath software

  • All chronic health conditions
  • Allergies, food intolerances, dental materials compatibility, remedies testing
  • Organs specific conditions such as: acidosis, kidney, Gallbladder, Liver, Lymphatic system, Cardiovascular and heart, GI, Disbyosis, Intoxications, Sleep aid, Glandular and hormonal dis-balances, muscle-skeletal problems such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, sensory organs affections, skin disorders
  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids deficiencies

Scope of Delivery:

  • Vistron, Combi 2, Akuport M1 or Akuport M2, any of our EAV/EDS devices for measurements
  • Interface EAV/EDS/AMA with Homopath software installed on a computer
  • Homopath software latest version
  • Notice: Vistron, Akuport M1 and Akuport M2 are offered at a very economical bundle price when buying together the EAV/EDS device and the Homopath software

System requirements

  • Pentium 1 GHz or better
  • 512 MB  or better
  • 400 MB drive or better
  • Graphic 1024 x 768
  • USB connection