M1+ Akuport

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Akuport M1+


The ideal starting device for the modern bioelectrical assessment procedures; expandable in a modular system with the Akuport MT and/or MR2.



The Kindling Akuport M1+ is a practical measurement device constructed in accord with the newest findings, and provides both beginners and experienced users with a cost-efficient variant. The Akuport M1+ can be used seperate or can be easily expanded into a complete unit (Akuport Tower) through its modular, plug-in system (plug & play) with the stimulation component Akuport MT and/or with the bioresonance device Akuport MR2.



  • Measurements and evaluations according to the standards of EAV
  • Testing with various products, incompatibilities, location contaminant loads and substances, etc.


Kindling Akuport M1+ features

  • Measurement system which meets the official standards of the International Medical Association for the Electroacupuncture acc. to Voll (EAV)
  • Clear, easy-to-read pointer instrument
  • Ergonomically designed stylus with mounted, pressure compensated, replaceable sensor tip
  • Optical point detector device in the stylus
  • Acoustic measurement support
  • Spread of scale (TP-Regulator)
  • Battery operation
  • Clear, easy-to-read operating displays
  • PC-connection port for working with Homopath software
  • Built-in module interface for easy expansion in a plug & play-system


Special Supplemental Options

  • Expandable with the electrical stimulation therapy module (Akuport MT) and/or the bioresonance module (Akuport MR2) in a simple plug & play system
  • Can be combined with Homopath software program for compiling assessment data and virtual resonance tests
  • Quadrant switch for testing with hand, foot and forehead electrodes
  • Also available in BFD-configuration with silver electrodes and silver measurement probe
  • Extensive specialised accessories


Scope of Delivery

Pair of hand electrodes, brass
Wire for hand electrode (black)
Stylus with 4-slice-tip
Honeycomb ø ca. 5 cm
Wire for honeycomb
Battery (9V-Block)
Operating instructions

Dimensions (WxHxD): 16x11x15cm, Weight ca. 400g


The bioresonance and the electroacupuncture acc. to Dr. Voll are classified into the field of regulative medicine.
They are alternative medical methods which are not subject of scientific research and not recognized by the teaching medicine in some countries yet.
We would like to advice you to the fact that any form of energetic treatment does in no case replace traditional medical treatment.