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Akuport M1+


The ideal starting device for the modern bioelectrical assessment procedures of EAV; expandable in a modular system with the Akuport MT and/or MR2.



The Kindling Akuport M1+ is a practical EAV diagnostic device constructed in accord with the newest findings, and provides both beginners and experienced therapists with a cost-efficient variant. The Akuport M1+ can be very easily expanded into a complete unit (Akuport Tower) through its modular, plug-in system (plug & play) with the EAV therapy component (MT) and/or with the bioresonance device (MR2) to make a complete unit (Akuport Tower).


Kindling Akuport M1+ in EAV-Diagnostics

  • *EAV measurement system which meets the official standards of the International Medical Association for the Electroacupuncture acc. to Voll (EAV)
  • Clear, easy-to-read pointer instrument
  • *Ergonomically designed stylus with mounted, pressure compensated, replaceable sensor tip
  • Optical point detector device in the stylus
  • Acoustic measurement support
  • *Spread of scale (TP-Regulator)
  • Battery operation
  • Clear, easy-to-read operating displays
  • *PC-connection port for working with Meditest or Homopath software using a USB-interface
  • *Built-in module interface for easy expansion in a plug & play-system

 * Kindling Special! You will only find these features in this price range at Kindling!



  • Diagnostic measurements and evaluations according to the standards of EAV
  • Testing with various products, incompatibilities, location contaminant loads and substances, etc.

Special Supplemental Options

  • The Akuport M1+ can be operated as an individual device and also expanded as a basic device with various modules
  • Expandable with the electrical stimulation therapy module (Akuport MT) and/or the bioresonance module (Akuport MR2) in a simple plug & play system
  • Can be combined with EAV software Homopath or the Meditest software program for compiling assessment data and virtual resonance tests, which is available in both a beginner´s and an expert´s version
  • Quadrant switch for testing with hand, foot and forehead electrodes
  • Also available in BFD-configuration with silver electrodes and silver measurement probe
  • Extensive specialised accessories


Scope of Delivery

Pair of hand electrodes, brass
Wire for hand electrode (black)
Stylus with 4-slice-tip
Honeycomb ø ca. 5 cm
Wire for honeycomb
Battery (9V-Block)
Operating instructions

Dimensions (WxHxD): 16x11x15cm, Weight ca. 400g


Approved medical product compliant with EN Guideline 93/42/EWG Appendix II