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The Kindling Akuport MT perfects EAV diagnosis through immediate therapeutic application with low-frequency impulses. Rectified or non-rectified sweep waves regulate and stabilise the energetic meridians in the body. The six most important, specific frequencies are available up to1/10 hz precision. Application proceeds using surface electrodes or is targeted using the stylus on the Akuport M1+. With simple attachment (plug & play), Akuport MT is combined with the EAV measurement device Akuport M1+ and is immediately ready to use.


Kindling Akuport MT in EAV Therapy

  • Low frequency therapeutic applications
  • *6 selected, specific frequencies (1.7 Hz, 2.4 Hz, 4 Hz, 6 Hz, 9.4 Hz, 10 Hz)
  • 3 impulse forms for tonifying or sedation
  • Intensity regulator, continuous
  • High-performance therapeutic output
  • *Dampened output for needle stimulation
  • *Direct application using the stylus of the Akuport M1+
  • High-performance rechargeable batteries for up to 8 hours full-capacity operation
  • Built-in interface for easy expansion in plug & play system


*Kindling Special! You will only find these features in this price range at Kindling!



  • Therapeutic application with low-frequency electrical impulses following the standards of EAV


Special Supplemental Options

  • Expandable with EAV diagnostic module Akuport M1+ and with the bioresonance module Akuport MR2 in plug & play system
  • Extensive special accessories, e. g. for needle stimulation


Scope of Delivery

Pair of hand electrodes, brass
2 wires for hand electrodes (red, black)
2 rechargeable batteries
Operating instructions

In addition to Akuport M1+:
Wire for hand electrode (red)
2 rechargeable batteries
Operating instructions

Dimensions (WxHxD): 16x11x15cm, Weight ca. 400g


Approved medical product compliant with EN Guideline 93/42/EWG Appendix II