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The Wirtum SINGULAR bioinformatic harmonizer device


The Wirtum SINGULAR bioinformatic harmonizer device is a breakthrough in the field of personalized therapy. With the help of bioresonance therapy (BRT), the operator of the device can interfere on a very effective (electromagnetic, cellular process regulator) level with living biological systems, which makes unique, tailor-made treatment possible.



Bioresonance therapy, or shortly: BRT

BRT is a method that works on cells, the smallest units of life that can act independently, by affecting their informational system with electromagnetic impulses.
These signals are very mild electromagnetic and mechanical vibrations that take effect directly on cellular processes by resonance interaction, thus activating the organism’s self-healing abilities in a natural way.
Types: usage of the organism’s internal signals (endogenious BRT), or external environmental signals (exogenious BRT), or stimulating the exchange of information within the frequency domain of the various sub-systems of the organism.

Wirtum SINGULAR is based on the methodology of endogenious BRT.


Main characteristics

  • operates within the cells’ own signal levels
  • takes effect through the so-called resonance interaction
  • non-invasive, doesn’t have a rough effect on the affected system, no harmful mutations
  • safe, because low-level signals only cause adaptional reactions in the organism, they don’t consume the energy storages – the stimulation can be proportional to the vital state of the patient

There are two main methods that BRT can work with: stimulation of the patient’s physiological processes, or specific activation of the immune system through the induction of physiologycal or emotional stress.

BRT can be combined with any other known medical or natural therapy – it can reduce the side effects of other, invasive methods like pharmaceutical or radiation theraphy, quicken the healing of wounds and bones, and help the immune system recover from a shock state.

In clinical practice, from allergy through digestional, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular diseases to the field of anti-aging, BRT can be applied in every speciality as an independent or supplementary therapeutical method.

The standard version has 96 programs (with 480 subprograms and manual), which incorporates the most common diseases, but other versions of the device will also be available for more specific problems.

Among the 96 programs, some deserve more attention, for example:

  • alleviation of stress caused by the hasty lifestyle of our times
  • connected with the treatment of the exhausted nervous system
  • reversing the acidization caused by modern lifestyle
  • helping digestion in many ways, e.g. with detoxication
  • reversing the abnormally fast-paced cell aging by neutralizing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress
  • getting rid of addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs etc.)
  • extinction of allergy, a disease nowadays considered as an endemic
  • treatment of the more and more widespread diabetes and
  • vision problems that occur in almost 80 percent of the population
  • as well as helping cardiovascular problems and diseases
  • improving the quality of life of those affected by neoplastic diseases

Applications of the programs range even further, for example basic musculoskeletal complaints, injuries from sports and exercises, male and female problems, infertility, sexuality, hearing and secretion problems, and also hormonal, respiratory and skin complaints.

Innovation and development of additional programs for the device is continous, updates for therapeutic programs – as long as the operating computer is online – can be downloaded from the WIRTUM main server automatically, at every startup.

Speciality of the programs is the harmonization module at the start of each session, which improves the effectivity of reception of the therapy in the patient. This is needed because a stressful lifestyle makes the client tense and less open in general for this kind of treatment. This stress can be alleviated by harmonization when the patient can relax, thus greatly increasing the effectiveness of the therapy.

Controlled experiments concerning the treatment of stress, neurological dysfunctions, exhaustion, fatigue have been carried out at the military forces. They examined the quality of work done by subjects under heavy mental pressure, among laboratory and other medical examinations.
According to the results, 8 out of 10 subjects experienced positive change and only 2 didn’t feel any measurable improvement.

During treatment, the client did not feel anything in particular, except for a slight tingle or warming effect at the most. Success of the therapy is not bound to the client reporting changes during the treatment.
Treatments take up an average of 30 minutes, with 1-2 occasions a week. Patients with impaired ability to adapt, and those affected by heavy metal poisoning make an exception, as they only have treatments once every 2-3 weeks or rarer.
In the case of acute inflammation, even the first treatment can improve the effectiveness of immune cells. In a situation like this, the treatment can take up to 60 minutes with more than one occasions daily, which is decided by the therapist.

The body’s endogenious eletromagnetic and mechanical waves are used in therapy, with the help of multi-layered electrodes (sensors).


The signals are transmitted through a special, shielded cable to the device, where they are processed based on their frequency, amplitude and phase parameters. After that, they are transmitted back into the body through a similar cable and electrodes, as a therapeutic signal.


Writing homeopathic products

The device is qualified for writing homeopathic products. An aluminum jar can be connected to its output as a writer, which will use the client’s own therapeutic signals.

Using a manufactured, water-based homeopathic substrate, the organ- or disease-specific signal can be written on it. That way clients can update their body’s information system between two appointments as well, improving the overall effectiveness of the treatment.
„Therapeutic drops” or „unique pastes” for external use can be made with this technique, which contain the therapeutic vibrations in their dipole system, so therapy or harmonization can be continued at home.


Parameters of the device

Its size, according to today’s technology, is small, fits in one’s palm.


It’s easy to handle, with the BNC connectors at the end of the cables and banana plugs, the different parts of the device can be connected simply and quickly.

On the backboard of the device you can find the power supply connector for the network adapter (only medically qualified ones can be used) or battery, the on/off button and the USB slot for connecting the device with the operating computer.

BNC connencted T distributors and aluminum jar electrodes make room for various expansions for the device.

Checking the Wirtum SINGULAR’s hardware state is done with the attached testing kit, preferably at every startup. The subunits of the kit are built into BNC connectors.





Powering the device can be done by the network or a battery, which makes it completely mobile. Its versatility makes even veterinarian use possible. The batteries can be charged quickly with the accessory charger not only from the network, but out on the field, via the car’s electronic cigar lighter as well, ensuring continous, 24-hour use.

The user software can be installed and overviewed easily. The graphical interface helps both operating and administrative (documentation) work.





The Wirtum SINGULAR device is suitable for both human and veterinary natural treatments.